USA: Colorado – December 2016

Although the main aim of our December trip was to visit Montana, there was no way I wasn’t going to visit my beloved Telluride located in southwest Colorado. The last week of our trip was spent around the Ridgway / Telluride / Durango areas. We unfortunately could not stay in Telluride due to the accommodation prices skyrocketing  since I was last there in 2013. Although still quite inconvenient to reach, Telluride is now one of the best ski resorts in America and it’s definitely easy to tell why. Husband and I don’t ski, but there is still so much to see and do around SW Colorado.

We stayed in a little town called Ridgway where the old John Wayne western movie True Grit was filmed. The town (and whole area in fact) is very reminiscent of the old cowboy and mining days and is steeped in history. Below are some pictures of the Ridgway area.

DSC_0002 - edit.jpg

DSC_0151 - edit.jpg

DSC_0484 - edit.jpgThe True Grit Cafe in central Ridgway

DSC_0152 - edit.jpg

DSC_0143 - edit.jpgSome of the local architecture

DSC_0162 - edit.jpgOur favourite breakfast spot – Provisions – which was directly across from our rental

DSC_0160 - edit.jpgThe coffee at Provisions was amazing! 

DSC_0161 - edit.jpgSo were the pastries! 

DSC_0006 - edit.jpg

DSC_0008 - edit.jpg

DSC_0010 - edit.jpgIsn’t the San Juan Mountain Range just incredible!?

DSC_0174 - edit.jpg

DSC_0181 - edit.jpg

DSC_0188 - edit.jpg

DSC_0193 - edit.jpg

DSC_0200 - edit.jpg

Obviously a large portion of our time was spent in Telluride, which was about an hours drive from Ridgway, but only because the only access is on a small, winding, one-lane mountain road. In terms of mileage it’s not that far.

I won’t tell you how amazing Telluride is – let the pictures show you! If you know me at all, you are used to me saying at least twice a year how much I miss Telluride and want to go back. I visited for the first time in 2013 with my sister and have been in love ever since. So when I knew we would be in the general vicinity I jumped at the chance of showing Patrick this amazing town.

Originally a tiny mining town, Telluride has gone from mining village to virtual ghost town to bustling ski resort. The 13 blocks of brick hotels and clapboard storefronts look much like they did in the 1880’s. It’s a National Historic District, so all construction must adhere to the town’s “Wild West” image and code. After all, Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank in Telluride!

Connected to Telluride is the ski village of Mountain Village. You get there by taking a gondola over the mountain. The experience is simply amazing and best of all, it’s free!

The pictures below first show the town of Telluride including the amazing houses, then move onto the gondola and the town of Mountain Village.

DSC_0017 - edit.jpg

DSC_0028 - edit.jpg

DSC_0226 - edit.jpg

DSC_0229 - edit.jpg

DSC_0234 - edit.jpg

DSC_0236 - edit.jpg

DSC_0420 - edit.jpgThis will always be my favourite Main Street! 

DSC_0394 - edit.jpg

DSC_0412 - edit.jpgThis is where I stayed when I was in Telluride 3 years ago with my sister 

DSC_0384 - edit.jpgIsn’t this restaurant cute!?

DSC_0023 - edit.jpg

DSC_0042 - edit.jpg

DSC_0044 - edit.jpg

DSC_0045 - edit.jpg

DSC_0401 - edit.jpg

DSC_0403 - edit.jpg

DSC_0404 - edit.jpg

DSC_0405 - edit.jpg

DSC_0406 - edit.jpg

DSC_0246 - edit.jpgTelluride Gondola Station which takes you up the mountain to the ski area and Mountain Village

DSC_0434 - edit.jpgOne of the ski lifts

DSC_0439 - edit.jpgThe view of Telluride from the gondola

DSC_0462 - edit.jpgAnother view of Telluride from the cable car

DSC_0329 - edit.jpgA view of Mountain Village from the gondola

DSC_0349 - edit.jpgThe obligatory gondola photo! 🙂

DSC_0453 - edit.jpgHeading in the gondola to Mountain Village

DSC_0265 - edit.jpg

DSC_0267 - edit.jpg

DSC_0322 - edit.jpgMountain Village

DSC_0325 - edit.jpg

DSC_0279 - edit.jpgThe ice-skating rink in Mountain Village

DSC_0288 - edit.jpg

DSC_0291 - edit.jpgLooking out towards some of the residences in Mountain Village

DSC_0299 - edit.jpg

DSC_0301 - edit.jpgThe accommodation on offer in Mountain Village

DSC_0311 - edit.jpg

DSC_0332 - edit.jpgThe view of Telluride from Allred’s Restaurant

DSC_0336 - edit.jpg

DSC_0339 - edit.jpg

DSC_0473 - edit.jpgA glass of wine at Allred’s which is perfectly located at the half way point up the  mountain between Telluride and Mountain Village.

DSC_0480 - edit.jpgThe interior of Allred’s which has one of the best views of Telluride.

Just outside of Telluride is a road called The Last Dollar Road, which is one of Colorado’s most picturesque back-country roads. This road also houses some of the biggest ranches in the area.

When this road was a mining supply route in the 1800s, the workers probably weren’t too enthusiastic about its sharp turns and bumpy patches. But today, travelers have a whole different attitude. Thrill seekers (and confident drivers) boldly take on Last Dollar with enthusiasm. Have a look at the photo’s below!

DSC_0086 - edit.jpg

DSC_0097 - edit.jpg

DSC_0112 - edit.jpg

DSC_0115 - edit.jpg

DSC_0117 - edit.jpg

DSC_0119 - edit.jpg

DSC_0129 - edit.jpg

DSC_0134 - edit.jpg

On one of the days we weren’t in Telluride we took a drive to Ouray and Silverton along US Route 550 and the Million Dollar Highway. Though the entire stretch has been called the Million Dollar Highway, it is really the 19 km south of Ouray through the Uncompahgre Gorge to the summit of Red Mountain Pass which gains the highway its name. This stretch through the gorge is challenging and potentially hazardous to drive; it is characterized by steep cliffs, narrow lanes, and a lack of guardrails; the ascent of Red Mountain Pass is marked with a number of hairpin curves used to gain elevation, and again, narrow lanes for traffic— many cut directly into the sides of mountains. During this ascent, the remains of the Idarado Mine are visible. Travel north from Silverton to Ouray allows drivers to hug the inside of curves; travel south from Ouray to Silverton perches drivers on the vertiginous outside edge of the highway. In short – it took us ages to drive!

DSC_0058 - edit.jpgUncompahgre Gorge

DSC_0062 - edit.jpg

DSC_0084 - edit.jpg

DSC_0078 - edit.jpg

DSC_0071 - edit.jpg

DSC_0072 - edit.jpg

DSC_0080 - edit.jpgIdarado Mine trestle

DSC_0023 - edit.jpgMain Street Ouray

DSC_0030 - edit.jpg

DSC_0046 - edit.jpgOuray County Courthouse

DSC_0048 - edit.jpgSome of the original structures in Ouray

DSC_0049 - edit.jpg

DSC_0051 - edit.jpgAerial view of Ouray

DSC_0110 - edit.jpgMain Street Silverton

DSC_0085 - edit.jpg

DSC_0086 - edit.jpg

DSC_0088 - edit.jpgThe Silverton City Hall

DSC_0104 - edit.jpg

DSC_0108 - edit.jpg

DSC_0114 - edit.jpg

DSC_0116 - edit.jpg

DSC_0118 - edit.jpg

DSC_0121 - edit.jpgSt. Patrick’s Catholic Church – husband of course loved this! 🙂

DSC_0124 - edit.jpgSemi-aerial view of Silverton

We also took a quick day trip over to Durango. We had to again take US Route 550 and on this particular day it was storming which meant the drive was slow and hazardous. We could barely see anything as we were driving. Of course as soon as we reached Durango the weather dramatically improved! 🙂

DSC_0140 - edit.jpgAerial view of Durango

DSC_0141 - edit.jpg

DSC_0146 - edit.jpg

DSC_0148 - edit.jpg

DSC_0158 - edit.jpg

DSC_0160 - edit.jpg

DSC_0161 - edit.jpg

DSC_0170 - edit.jpg

DSC_0173 - edit.jpg

DSC_0177 - edit.jpg

DSC_0192 - edit.jpg

DSC_0197 - edit.jpg

On our last day in Colorado we took a day-trip into Dunton Hot Springs, which is a tiny huddle of log buildings 25 (some very tough and in the winter inaccessible) miles southwest of Telluride. The only way in is by snowmobile (unless you are staying on the property). We were the first party in via snowmobile so the going was pretty tough – we were cutting through some pretty high snow!

We met our tour group at a tiny town called Sawpit (not even sure I can call it a town – it was pretty much a gas pump and a store) and then rode 40 miles across country to get to Dunton. At Dunton we soaked in the hot springs and then feasted on salmon, quinoa and red wine before driving the 40 miles back again. It was a truly amazing day and a great end to our vacation!

DSC_0001 - edit.jpg

DSC_0003 - edit.jpg

DSC_0017 - edit.jpg

DSC_0025 - edit.jpg

DSC_0027 - edit.jpg

DSC_0041 - edit.jpg

DSC_0042 - edit.jpg

DSC_0044 - edit.jpg

DSC_0045 - edit.jpg

DSC_0046 - edit.jpg

DSC_0052 - edit.jpgPat enjoying his soak in the iron-rich water

DSC_0055 - edit.jpg

DSC_0056 - edit.jpg

DSC_0057 - edit.jpg

DSC_0059 - edit.jpg

DSC_0071 - edit.jpg

DSC_0077 - edit.jpg

DSC_0080 - edit.jpg

DSC_0085 - edit.jpg

DSC_0089 - edit.jpg

DSC_0092 - edit.jpg

DSC_0093 - edit.jpg

DSC_0108 - edit.jpg

DSC_0113 - edit.jpg

DSC_0127 - edit.jpg

On our way to the airport I insisted that we stop in at a ghost town called St Elmo. It was another snowy day so we unfortunately didn’t get to see it in full.

DSC_0136 - edit.jpg

DSC_0140 - edit.jpg

DSC_0141 - edit.jpg

DSC_0145 - edit.jpg

DSC_0147 - edit.jpg

DSC_0148 - edit.jpg

DSC_0150 - edit.jpg


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