Ireland: County Wicklow – March 2016

Early on the 3 March my Mom, her twin sister, me, my twin sister and my younger sister touched down in Dublin. As me and my twin and my Mom (and Aunt’s) birthday’s are a week apart we thought it would be a good idea to go on holiday to Ireland to celebrate – a country we have all wanted to see. And a country us South African’s do not need a visa for. Bonus!

We prefer the countryside to a city so we decided to stay in County Wicklow – which is located a short 1 hour drive from Dublin. We stayed at the idyllic Abhainn Ri, set in the most picturesque land you have ever laid your eyes on. Just have a look for yourself below:

B & B 1 - resized.jpg

B & B 2 - resized.jpg

The pictures above are from our first and fourth days there. We were lucky enough to get snow on our third day and the pictures below are what the scenery looked like then.

B & B 3 - resized.jpg

B & B 4 - resized.jpg

B & B 5 - resized.jpg

This last picture is the same as the first picture…but covered in snow. Amazing how different a landscape can look on two different days!

On our second day in Ireland we took a day trip to Dublin. If you walk fast and just want to see the main attractions (and not stop at every pub for a tipple!) it’s possible to see Dublin in a day. Of course a trip to Dublin is not complete without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse and this is where we spent the majority of the day! 🙂

Dublin 1 - resized.jpg

Dublin 2 - resized.jpg

Dublin 3 - resized.jpg

Dublin 4 - resized.jpg

After all that Guinness pouring we had worked up an appetite and decided on lunch in the Temple Bar area which is full of pubs and eateries.

Dublin 5 - resized.jpg

Dublin 6 - resized.jpg

We finished off our day with a trip to Trinity College.

Dublin 7 - resized.jpg

On our third day in County Wicklow it snowed so we had a bit of a late start and decided to go do our birthday lunch at the Killashee House in the neighbouring County of Kildare. The food wasn’t anything to write home about but the gardens were spectacular.

Killashee 1 - resized.jpg

Killashee 2 - resized.jpg

Killashee 3 - resized.jpg

Killashee 4 - resized.jpg

Killashee 5 - resized.jpg

Killashee 6 - resized.jpg

Killashee 7 - resized.jpg

We dedicated the fourth day in County Wicklow to touring the Glendalough Valley, Wicklow Mountain and Sally Gap area.  This area is where the films Braveheart and PS I Love You were filmed.

Wicklow 1 - resized.jpg

Wicklow 2 - resized.jpg

Wicklow 3 - resized.jpg

Wicklow 4 - resized.jpg

Wicklow 5 - resized.jpg

Below are a few pictures of a small village we came upon called Macreddin Village.

McCreddin 1 - resized.jpg

McCreddin 2 - resized.jpg

McCreddin 3 - resized.jpg




3 thoughts on “Ireland: County Wicklow – March 2016

  1. Awh! Still listening to Irish music in memory. Wonderful scenery and pics and delightful memories. Thanks for them all.


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