New England in the Fall: Vermont 2015

After New Hampshire we spent a relaxing week in Vermont. We based ourselves at a lovely inn called the White Horse Inn located near to the Sugarbush ski resort. Being in a ski area meant it was colder than other parts in VT and we even managed to get two days of snow…in the fall! Coming from Dubai, where the weather is always boiling, this was a special surprise for us!

Below are some images of the beautifully scenic towns we passed in our 7 days in Vermont.

Capitol HDR - resized.jpg
The Vermont State House located in Montpelier.
Areial HDR - resized.jpg
Aerial view of Montpelier.
Waitsfield - resized.jpg
Waitsfield Village which was a 5 minute drive from our Inn. 
Waitsfield - resized.jpg
Snow day view from The White Horse Inn. 
Bron and Pat Resized.JPG
Snow day at The White Horse Inn.
Mad River Barn 1 - resized.jpg
Stopped in at the Mad River Barn for some wine and food. 
Mad River Barn 2 - resized.jpg
Mad River Barn restaurant interior. 
Mad River Barn 3 - resized.jpg
Mad River Barn restaurant interior. 
Food Resized.jpg
Delicious meal we had at the Mad River Barn.
The Pitcher Inn Warren - resized.jpg
The Pitcher Inn in Warren VT.
View on Route 100 - resized.jpg
One of the stunning views along Route 100.
Riverside Farm Pittsfield Barn HDR - resized.jpg
Riverside Farm in Pittsfield VT along Route 100.
Sign HDR - resized.jpg
Riverside Farm in Pittsfield VT along Route 100.
Weston HDR - resized.jpg
Weston VT.
Weston - resized.jpg
Weston VT.
Weston Mill - resized.jpg
Weston Mill.
Bron Vermont Country Store - Resized.jpg
The Vermont Country Store in Weston VT. 
Shelburne Farms - resized.jpg
View from Shelburne Farm VT. 
Vermont HDR - resized.jpg
Stowe VT.
Street HDR - resized.jpg
Main Street in Stowe VT. 
Woodstock HDR - resized.jpg
Woodstock VT.
Woodstock 1 Resized.jpg
Woodstock VT. 
Woodstock 2 - resized.jpg
Woodstock VT. 
Town Crier - resized.jpg
Woodstock VT. 
Woodstock Library - resized.jpg
Woodstock Library. 
Woodstock Inn - resized.jpg
Woodstock Inn. 
Woodstock Bro HDR - resized.jpg
Woodstock VT. 
Manchester Shops - resized.jpg
Manchester VT.
Manchester Church - resized.jpg
Manchester VT. 
Bron Manchester HDR - resized.jpg
Manchester VT. 
Charles Orvis Inn HDR - resized.jpg
Manchester VT. 
Dorset Inn HDR - resized.jpg
Dorset VT. 
Grafton Inn HDR - resized.jpg
Grafton VT. 
Grafton Village Store - resized.jpg
Grafton VT. 
Inn Victoria Chester HDR - resized.jpg
Chester VT. 
Pat Diner Chester - resized.jpg
Country Girl Diner in Chester VT. This place is the kind of diner you see in all those American TV shows – friendly, warm, inviting and best of all it has amazing food! Cannot recommend this place enough! 

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